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Phosphoinositides (PIs) are a group of phospholipids that are concentrated at cytosolic leaflet of cellular membranes. PIs play essential roles in a broad spectrum of cellular processes including defining intracellular organelle identity, cell signaling, proliferation, cytoskeleton organization, and membrane trafficking. Our lab is particularly interested in the role of PIs in membrane trafficking.

Other the other hand, interference of the temporal and spatial distribution of intracellular PIs often leads to abnormal cellular functions, which has been capitalized by virulent invaders. Along this line, our laboratory are also interested in investigating how the host PI system is exploited by the intracellular bacterial pathogen, Legionella pneumophila.

Yuxin Mao, PhD

Yuxin Mao is an Associate Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics and a member of the Weill Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology (Weill Institute). Dr. Yuxin Mao received a B.S. in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Nankai University in China and a Ph.D. in Structural Biology from Baylor College of Medicine. He did his postdoctoral research at Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Cell Biology where he was awarded a HHMI postdoctoral fellowship from the Life Sciences Research Foundation.

Yuxin Mao, Ph.D.
Weill Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
Cornell University
357 Weill Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-7202

(607) 255-0783 (office)
(607) 255-7580 (lab)
(607) 255-5961

Selected Publications

Xi Luo, Jon Wasilko, Yao Liu, Jiayi Sun, Xiaochun Wu, Zhao-Qing Luo, Mao Y. (2015) Structure of the Legionella Virulence Factor, SidC Reveals a Unique PI(4)P-Specific Binding Domain Essential for Its Targeting to the Bacterial Phagosome. PLoS Pathog. 11(6):e1004965.

FoSheng Hsu, Fenghua Hu, Yuxin Mao. (2015) Spatiotemporal control of phosphatidylinositol 4-phosphate by Sac2 regulates endocytic recycling. J Cell Biol. 209(1)97-110.

Leila Toulabi, Xiaochun Wu, Yanshu Cheng and Yuxin Mao (2013) Identification and structural characterization of a Legionella phosphoinositide phosphatase. J. Biol. Chem. 288(34):24518-27.

FoSheng Hsua, Wenhan Zhud, Lucy Brennane, Lili Taod, Zhao-Qing Luod, Yuxin Mao. (2012) Structural basis for substrate recognition by a unique Legionella phosphoinositide phosphatase. Proc Natl Acad Sci (PNAS) U S A 109(34):13567-72

Shurong Zhong, Fosheng Hsu, Christopher J. Stefan, Xiaochun Wu, Anamika Patel, Michael S. Cosgrove, and Yuxin Mao. (2012) Allosteric activation of the phosphoinositide phosphatase Sac1 by anionic phospholipids. Biochemistry 51(15):3170-7.

Christopher J. Stefan, Andrew G. Manford, Daniel Baird, Jason Yamada-Hanff1, Yuxin Mao,Scott D. Emr.  Osh Proteins Regulate Phosphoinositide Metabolism at ER-Plasma Membrane Contact Sites. (2011) Cell 144(3):389-401.

Andrew Manford, Tian Xia, Ajay Kumar Saxena, Christopher Stefan, Fenghua Hu, Scott D Emr, Yuxin Mao. (2010) Crystal structure of the yeast Sca1: implication for its phosphoinositide phosphatase functionEMBO J. 29, 1489-1498  (PMCID: PMC2876947).

Yuxin Mao, Daniel M Balkin, Roberto Zoncu, Kai S Erdmann, Livia Tomasini, Fenghua Hu, Moonsoo M Jin, Michael E Hodsdon, Pietro De Camilli. (2009) A PH domain within OCRL bridges clathrin mediated membrane trafficking to phosphoinositide metabolismEMBO J. 28, 1831-1842 (PMCID: PMC2711190).

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